9 Warm Costumes For If It Snows On Halloween This Year

Charli Renken Charli Renken

9 Warm Costumes For If It Snows On Halloween This Year

Don’t wear a coat over your costume this year!

Bad news for Chicago trick-or-treaters: it’s likely to snow next week during Halloween. According to Weather.com, Thurs looks like rain with snow the following day. Knowing Chicago, that could mean trick-or-treaters will have to stomp through the snow to get candy.

Even if it’s not snowing, temperatures are predicted to be in the low 40s or high 30s. If you haven’t bought your costume yet, we suggest opting for something with a faux fur lining or warm wool. Here are a few options to consider for staying warm this Halloween.


1. A Hogwarts Student

Photo: @lynsi711

Those robes come in handy during the cold weather! Pair it with a wool sweater and a scarf in style of your Hogwarts house and you’ll be toasty warm all night.


2. Little Red Riding Hood

Photo: @3londii

Same concept here. Tuck that hood over your head to keep dry if it rains and add a wolf stuffed animal for extra coziness.


3. Any animal, really.

Photo: @tinytangerines

There seems to be a footed pajamas version of every animal costume these days. Pick your favorite and be the envy of all your freezing friends.


4. Princess Leia Organa

Photo: @kayzorel

With a full length, long-sleeve dress, even the harsh winds of Hoth can’t keep you away from enjoying this year’s Halloween festivities.


5. Hamilton

Photo: @revwarbros

Layers, layers, layers. Did you know one of the hardest things about serving in the Revolutionary War was the extreme cold during the winter at Morristown? Don’t let that be you. Pull on an iconic coat and stay warm this season.


6. An Astronaut

Photo: @jerold_pamintuan

Your space suit doesn’t have to be designed to resist the cold vacuum of space to keep you warm this Halloween. Slip into a full-body costume and keep your helmet on to stave off the cold.


7. A Witch

Photo: @maebe_dont

Opt for a floor-length witch’s dress this year if you want to stay warm. Elphaba’s classic gown is an excellent option or go contemporary as any of the witches in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.


8. Rapunzel

Photo: @princesshaileyrose

Rapunzel’s long dress and sleeves make for a perfect, weather-appropriate costume. Wrap your super-long hair around you for extra warmth.


9. Spider-Man

Photo: @pebblecrumbs

If you opt for thicker fabric, this costume is another great option for staying warm. With so many Spiderverse characters to choose from, your whole group can stay toasty.


What are your favorite cold-weather costumes? Share them with us on Instagram with the hashtag #MySecretHalloween. We’d love to see what creative costumes you have planned this year.

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