Snowtube Down Wilmot Mountain With Chicago’s Snow Tubing & Brewery Bus

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Snowtube Down Wilmot Mountain With Chicago’s Snow Tubing & Brewery Bus

From the pavements of Chicago to the slopes of Wilmot!

Chicago winters are brutal. The snow, ice, and frosty air make the city a very uncomfortable place at times. Yet, it’s nothing we don’t get used to when we spend a day skiing or snowboarding. When you’re enjoying the exhilarating extreme activities that the snow provides all sense of the weather’s frigidness seems to disappear as adrenaline and joy take over. Getting out and exercising is good for the mind and body and we all definitely need that kind of lift in winter.

While skiing and snowboarding are more challenging winter activities to learn, snow tubing has quickly become one of the fastest-growing recreational winter activities and it is easy to see why. All you have to do is grab a tube, have a seat, and let gravity be your friend.

Thanks to Sourced Adventures’ Chicago Snow Tubing & Brewery Bus, Chicagoans can now escape the downtown monotony and embrace the chill up at Wilmot Mountain with a 2-hour snow tubing session followed by a visit to a local brewery with dinner and round-trip transportation!

The luxury coach bus collects keen adventurers, families, and groups of friends up from the center of Chicago and transports them in under 1.5 hours to Wilmot Mountain where a fantastic snow sports and lodging destination awaits. A ski lift ensures those two hours are filled with tubing and not with clambering in the snow so groups can make sure every moment is used whizzing down the tubing mountain and feeling like a kid again.

After you’ve tired yourself out, you’ll head to a local brewery for a mouthwatering dinner and award-winning beer where you can relax, drink and regale your friends with tales of your snow tubing prowess. Oh and be sure to bring an extra change of clothes for after-tubing coziness but in any case, there will be fires and snugness at the snow tubing lodge as well as a great view of the fun from the deck. Don’t you feel better already?

Tubing Hours are 4 pm to 9 pm Monday to Friday and 9 am to 9 pm Saturdays and Sundays.

Snow Tubing & Brewery Day Trip

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