The Shedd Aquarium Kicks Off 2021 With Their First Penguin Excursion Of The Year

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The Shedd Aquarium Kicks Off 2021 With Their First Penguin Excursion Of The Year

We’ve been treated to another penguin encounter and once again it is so very cute!

It’s the first field trip of the year for the aquarium’s now-famous penguins. This time the Magellanic penguin chick known as “Sir Elio” took a trip to the Wild Reef section of the aquarium to meet some speedy stingrays.
A video posted across the Shedd Aquarium’s social media channels this morning shows Sir Elio and a couple of his companions inquisitively peering down onto the stingray sanctuary as a few of the flat-bodied fish species swoop by.

Sir Elio, who hatched in May of 2020, is the same Magellanic penguin chick that waddled around the aquarium’s 4-D theatre late last year when the aquarium team set up a flurry of field trips to keep the penguins, and us, entertained.


The excursions began during the first wave of Covid-19 and videos of the Shedd Aquarium’s adventurous penguins went viral on more than one occasion.

Two befuddled penguins “Tilly” and “Carmen” wandered far from their aquarium exhibit in March of this year and came face to face with Kayavak the Beluga whale whilst another group of Shedd Aquarium penguins took a trip around Soldier Field in November.

Sir Elio’s trip is the first of the year and Shedd Aquarium have promised that there will be many more to come while the aquarium remains closed. If Sir Elio follows in Wellington’s footsteps, the rockhopper penguin who’s lived double his life expectancy and celebrated his 33rd birthday last month, then he has a long and exciting life ahead of him!

You can sign up for a Virtual Penguin Encounter via the aquarium’s website or keep your eyes peeled for the new penguin excursion!

[Featured Image from Unsplash]

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