Shedd Animals Enjoyed A Day Out At Garfield Park Conservatory For Earth Day

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Shedd Animals Enjoyed A Day Out At Garfield Park Conservatory For Earth Day

Penguins aren’t the only Shedd Aquarium animals taking field trips!

Back in March of 2020, after the Shedd Aquarium closed its doors to the public, Shedd let some of their penguins out to visit other areas of the aquarium. A meeting with a curious Beluga whale nearly crashed the internet with how adorable the encounter was and set about a series of penguin field trips. Excursions to The Field Museum, Soldier Field, and most recently, the FRIENDS™ Experience then followed with fascinating footage of the penguins exploring the various venues.

This morning, in honor of Earth Day, several other animals went on a field trip of their own. This time from the Shedd Aquarium to Garfield Park Conservatory.

Ivy the green tree python.

To highlight all the ways Chicagoans can connect with nature, despite COVID-19, several animals stretched their wings or slithered around the Garfield Park Conservatory. 

Two green-winged macaws named Poblano and Serrano took flight in the Fern Room after exploring the species of flowers in the Show House. As native to the Amazon, the warm humid space of the Palm House offers a similar experience to the environment of a rain forest.

Green-winged macaws Poblano and Serrano.

A green tree python by the name of Ivy meanwhile was slithering around the Sugar from the Sun exhibit before going on to explore the conservatory’s Desert House. As a native of Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia green tree pythons are also familiar with warmer climates, like those found in the Desert House.

Ivy the green tree python exploring Garfield Park Conservatory.

According to a collaborative announcement, the aquarium, conservatory, and the Chicago Park District all teamed up to organize the animals’ field trip as a way to “highlight ways that Chicagoans can get out and connect with nature in honor of Earth Day and Earth Month.”

The announcement also added that “the trip provided great exercise for the animals, alongside presenting new sights and sounds that add variety to their day. This is part of their overall welfare plan, ensuring no two days are ever the same for the animals.”

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