The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop-Up Restaurant Is Rebooting In Wicker Park This Week

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The ‘Saved By The Bell’ Pop-Up Restaurant Is Rebooting In Wicker Park This Week

The full-on-90s pop-up restaurant will return to Wicker Park for a carry-out experience.

Oh boy do we miss the 90s, and what shows fully captured the pop-culture pizazz of those zany years like Saved by the Bell? Whether you’re a super-fan of the show or are yearning to escape into a simpler, more totally hip time, the sitcom-inspired Saved By The Max pop-up is returning to Chicago next week.

In 2016, Saved By The Max made a huge splash when it dropped on Chicago’s dining scene. The company — the very same behind LA’s Good Burger and Breaking Bad immersive pop-up restaurants — delighted show fans and eager eaters with a restaurant straight from the set. The resemblance was uncanny, the nostalgia was overloaded, the drinks had alcohol.

The stint lasted almost exactly a year before it packed up its bags and left for Los Angeles. Next week, the popular pop-up will return to Wicker Park but with a slightly modified, safety-friendly experience. Due to the surrounding conditions of the pandemic, Saved by the Max will instead celebrate all things Saved by the Bell with a carry-out and delivery dining experience.

The menu will stay the same, with Bayside Burger Preppy Packs that include a Bayside Burger, Tigers Tater Totz or Kapowski Fries, dessert — Zach’s Sweet Talking cookies or Max’s Magical Gooey Brownie, and a special SBTB Day 2020 commemorative item. The burgers come in either singles or doubles with Porter Road dry-aged ground beef with the option to choose Beyond Meat.

Additionally, customers will have the option to order cocktails (Lisa’s Midsummer’s G+T, Zack Attack’s Daiq Pack, or the gin-and-absinthe-based Dear, Jessie… cocktail), wine, beer, and other beverages. As stated, customers can choose to have their order delivered, or, when purchased curbside, will have the opportunity to take a photo inside the recreated Bayside Record Store at KKTY studios. Prices start at $20.

This season of Saved By The Max will only run for five days between August 20 – August 25. Pre-orders start Friday, August 14!

Save the date! Pre-order your taste of Bayside before the semester ends. 

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