Christmas Cocktails & Boozy Milkshakes Await At Wrigleyville’s Over-The-Top Christmas Pop-Up Bar

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Christmas Cocktails & Boozy Milkshakes Await At Wrigleyville’s Over-The-Top Christmas Pop-Up Bar

Featuring Atomic Yule Logs and Christmas Cakeshakes!

Wrigleyville’s favorite over-the-top Christmas pop-up has returned to Chicago and is putting the rest to shame. The immersive Santa Baby Pop-Up has once again taken over Deuce’s Major League Bar covering the space head-to-toe and wall-to-wall with an exorbitant amount of Christmas decorations.

Guests can expect a spectacular explosion of Christmas decor and photo-ops galore alongside an equally impressive array of extraordinary themed drinks and snacks that make up a sublime Christmas menu.

A selection of milkshakes and Christmas cocktails in various forms are decadently garnished while a food menu from ‘Santa’s Snack Shack’ provides more than 20 different Christmas-themed options.

A ‘Mrs. Claus Milkshake’, for example, comes with soft-serve ice cream, white chocolate sauce, cheesecake, raspberry sauce, and is topped with “whipped cream, toasted coconut, lollipop, sugar cookies, Twizzlers & a cherry.”

The ‘Grinch Milkshake’ meanwhile is made from soft-serve ice cream, green mint syrup, chocolate chips and comes topped with thin mints, peppermint patties, candy canes and cherry. Shakes are priced from $10-15 and can also be made boozier with a “Pinnacle Whipped Vodka Dooze Buddy” for $5.

The cocktails are just as extravagant and while you might not want to share an ‘Elf Fashioned’ or a Merry ‘Manhattan’ there are 8 different large-format sharable Christmas-themed cocktails in small, medium, or mega sizes including returning favorites like ‘The Clausmo’, ‘Jingle Juice and ‘Yule Mule’. A selection of the best holiday beers also awaits your festive cheers! Check out the full menu here.

Whilst there won’t be any carol-singers this year, some sensational snacks will certainly have your taste buds singing. Order the “Atomic Yule Logs” and you’ll find yourself enjoying three cheese sticks covered in Flamin’ Hot Cheetoh crust and Sriracha dust.

The  “Christmas Burger” meanwhile, consists of a turkey burger, cranberry mustard, stuffing, crispy green beans and truffle aioli served with marshmallow creme-covered sweet potato fries.

There will be plenty of opportunities to take photos with the extravagant decorations and with Christmas-themed cocktails served in Santa boots and other ornaments, There is no place better for those festive snaps than Santa Baby Pop-Up’s multi-room, multi-level, over-the-top Christmas experience.

Reservations and more information can be found at www.santababybar.com.

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