Feast On Upscale Indian Food Within A 17-Foot Thermal Hexadome Tent In Chicago’s West Loop

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Feast On Upscale Indian Food Within A 17-Foot Thermal Hexadome Tent In Chicago’s West Loop

Delicious food from India, winter solutions from Switzerland, and the charm of West Loop, that’s some mix.

Igloos and domes have become part of the fabric of Chicago over the last few months. Since Covid-19 landed on our shores and mitigation measures banned indoor dining, many bars and restaurants turned to their outdoor spaces using all manner of quirky outdoor dining ideas to offer winterized drinking and dining solutions. What followed was an influx of igloos, domes, and winter wonderlands in many of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

One West Loop restaurant has now taken it a step further. Rooh, an Indian restaurant that prides itself on its progressive Indian cuisine, is now home to a unique 17-foot hexadome tent with high ceilings and infrared heaters. According to the owner, Rina Mallick, the tent was imported all the way from Europe and is the same tent they use up in the mountains of Switzerland due to its ability to withstand snow, wind, and fire.

Since Rooh’s arrival back in 2019, it has filled a void of upscale Indian food in downtown Chicago. An amalgamation of exquisite regional flavors and modern gastronomic techniques brings the spirit of India to a West Loop patio with the warmth of Swiss alpine solutions. The owners Manish and Rina Mallick say that their goal is to give Chicago a true taste of Indian cuisine without an American spin.
The menu offers a great variety of choices with modestly priced small and large plates providing individual options while a 4-course prix fixe ‘culinary journey’ invites guests to experience local flavors and traditions from various regions of India for $58 a person. There is also a wide selection of vegan and gluten-free options. The full menu in all its glory can be viewed on the Rooh website and guests are invited to get in touch at info@roohchicago.com.

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