Party Like It’s 1920 When Quarantine Ends At The Hubbard Inn’s Reopening Gala

Colby Smith Colby Smith

Party Like It’s 1920 When Quarantine Ends At The Hubbard Inn’s Reopening Gala

Kick off post-quarantine life in style!

Celebrate the end of quarantine with a roaring 20’s themed party at the Hubbard Inn. Mark your calendars for Hubbard Inn’s The Great Quarantine on June 26 — a historical re-start to 2020!

Quarantine won’t stop us from having a great year. Celebrate like it’s the end of prohibition at The Great Quarantine at Blue Violet.

This gala is one to put Gatsby to shame — and that’s the truth old sport! Come party, dance, and get tipsy on Highballs with a specialty list of Gatsby’s favorite cocktails.

It goes without said that this event will carefully adhere to social distancing rules and any other government/health regulations in line to ensure that we all have a safe and splendid time!

The Jazz Age was a revolutionary era that experienced a cultural boom in art, music, and fashion. And this party is no different! Toast to coming prosperity and indulge on the finer things in life (such as cocktails!) at this ’20s bash.

On June 26, Blue Violet at Hubbard Inn will be adorned in 20’s party-going decor, for you to be a showstopper in your most extravagant gowns, jewelry, and flapper dresses!

The roaring bash will begin at 9 pm on June 26. Tickets are $10 and must be ordered in advance! Each ticket includes 1 entry to Roaring Quarantine and 1 drink ticket.

There’s limited ticket availability, so get yours now and get ready to kick off post-quarantine life with a roar!


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