These River Tubing Excursions Take You From The Sizzling City Center To The Tippecanoe River

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These River Tubing Excursions Take You From The Sizzling City Center To The Tippecanoe River

Assemble your amphibious amigos and escape the city for a river tubing day this summer.

As our thriving metropolis moves into summer temperatures, riverside bars, lakefront beaches, and our plethora of parks all begin to blossom with jubilance. But at the same time, our urban jungle can at times become too much. While Lake Michigan offers respite from the summer heat there’s peace found in escaping the city clamor.

Now, thanks to Sourced Adventures, we’ve found the perfect daybreak in the shape of a River Tubing & Brewery Day Trip on the Tippecanoe River.

With all the limitations that have restricted us the last year, summer has arrived just as we fully emerge from the pandemonium and into paradise. That means the next few months are waiting to be filled with memories we’ve missed out on and there’s no better place to start than with a River Tubing & Brewery Day Trip outside of the city.

Fusing nature, relaxation, and adventure River Tubing & Brewery Day Trips whisk adventurers out of the city heat and into the serenity of nature where you’ll float down the clear free-flowing river waters watching river banks roll past as you relax, unwind, and reset.

Attendees are picked up from 100 W Randolph Street in the morning and driven two hours outside of the city to a stunning section of the 182-mile-long Tippecanoe River. There you’ll pick up your included tube rental, pack cooler floats with your chosen beverages, and blissfully bob your worries away.

A tubing experience isn’t complete without a drink in hand and cooler floats can be rented to accompany your river journey just so long as no glass is brought to the river. Lunch is provided on-site so the only thing you have to worry about is bringing an old pair of sneakers and choosing your favorite beers to accompany your adventure.

The full-day adventure begins in the morning and will have you back home between 6 pm and 6:30 pm so you’ll lose no more than a day in the big city but will return feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Grab your tickets for a River Tubing & Brewery Day Trip here and leave the big city commotion in your wake.

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