Queen Guitarist Brian May Is Teaching Fans How To Play Their Favorite Songs Online

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Queen Guitarist Brian May Is Teaching Fans How To Play Their Favorite Songs Online

We think it’s fair to say we’re all Under Pressure right now.

There’s no shortage of musicians playing free quarantine concerts for fans over the internet right now. There’s also a number of free guitar lessons available. However, until Brian May, there weren’t any famous musicians giving their fans guitar lessons for playing their favorite songs. Queen guitarist Brian May has been teaching fans step by step how to play favorites like “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Keep Yourself Alive,” as part of his “MicroConcertos” series.

The mini music lessons began spontaneously in one of May’s ongoing MicroConcertos on his Instagram account. After talking about his thoughts on the coronavirus crisis, he picked up his guitar and gave a tutorial on how to play the Bohemian Rhapsody solo over his Instagram story. He pulled his camera in close so viewers could see how his fingers moved on the guitar, making it easy to follow along.

Fans were delighted by the “Star Licks” type tutorial and since then, May has been teaching us how to play some of Queen’s other hits. Currently, he’s giving guitar lessons on “Keep Yourself Alive” in multiple parts.

May has shared not only how to play Queen songs, but also what kind of gear he uses to record and offered guidance and reassurance to his fans in order to get them through these difficult times. If you’re a Queen fan, we highly recommend tuning into May’s livestreams on Instagram. Even on the days he doesn’t play a concert or teach a guitar lesson, his videos are a great source of comfort during these uncertain times.

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