Learn To Interpret The Contours Of Your Palm With This Insightful Palmistry Experience

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

Learn To Interpret The Contours Of Your Palm With This Insightful Palmistry Experience

Find out what the future holds.

Few people predicted the tumultuous ride that 2020 provided. Plagued with hurricanes, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, flooding, and, of course, the global pandemic, it is most certainly a year we want to put behind us and instead, look ahead to pastures new.

So what if you could peek behind the curtain and look into 2021 and beyond? What if a detailed analysis of the topography of your own hands could offer an esoteric glimpse into the unknown? A new interactive experience known as Palmistry 101 invites you to discover the art of palmistry from the safety of your own home. With the virtual guidance of an expert, you can learn how to interpret the complex network of lines and contours that make up your own palm.

Make note that this is not fortune-telling. The study of palmistry has appeared throughout history in prehistoric cave drawings, the Bible, and in ancient books by Aristotle, “The Father of Western Logic.” Even Alexander the Great took great interest in analyzing the hands of his chief officers. Since then, palmistry has been used for medical diagnostic purposes, psychological analysis, career decisions, and to reveal people’s talents, skills, and interests.

This unique experience is a far cry from a fortune teller in a tawdry costume attempting to conjure a spooky atmosphere. Jacob Mayfield creates an informative and educational palmistry experience that is approachable and mystical but, most importantly, adaptable, so that you can enjoy the event you desire.

At Palmistry 101 guests will have an individualized and insightful experience that may just be more accurate than you expect. Whether you’re convinced you’ve inherited a third eye or you just want to develop a new party trick, this interactive event is a one-of-a-kind experience that can be enjoyed for just $10 on any Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday night throughout December.

Prepare to learn a little bit about yourself by delving into the subconscious mind within your hands and you might just be astounded by what you discover. Buy tickets here.


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