Refresh Your Summer Look With This Lovely Online Espadrille Making Class

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Refresh Your Summer Look With This Lovely Online Espadrille Making Class

Give your wardrobe a summer makeover by crafting a pair of handmade espadrilles at this brilliant online workshop.

Your boots might be made for walking, but since they aren’t doing much of that at the moment, maybe it’s time to scope out some other footwear? Since summer is on the way, the shops are closed, and idle hands are the devil’s playthings, this extremely wholesome espadrille-making class could be just what you need to revamp your summer wardrobe, and keep yourself occupied during the pandemic. Find your tickets here, and read on for more.

As strolls in the park are the main form of outdoor entertainment right now, a fashionable pair of handmade espadrilles is just what you need (they’ll also come in rather handy when we finally make it to the beach). And what better pair of hands to make them that the ones you’re currently scrolling with? This DIY espadrille kit will furnish you with everything you’ll need to get started, along with a video guide that’ll walk you through every step. The result will – hopefully – be a pair of unique handcrafted shoes, and a new skill that you’ll be using every time you fancy some new footwear.

Espadrille making class

Of course, if you’re more of a backseat driver, there’s a second option I think you’ll enjoy. You can join a live online workshop with the wonderful Handmade Matters team in Barcelona, who are dab hands at knocking together a pair of espadrilles, and let them craft your perfect pair. You won’t have to lift a finger for this session, and with the team happy to follow your instructions, you’ll end up with shoes designed to your own specifications.

Espadrille making class

Really, it’s an excellent way to revamp your look and indulge your inner fashion designer, regardless of whether you’ve got any ability with a needle and thread or not. The DIY kit or finished shoes will be shipped directly to you (along with a special little gift), and with all the materials used being both sustainable and eco-friendly, they’re kind to the Earth too. Oh, and one final reason to join in: when someone inevitably asks “where did you get those, I LOVE THEM!”, you can smugly drop in the fact that you made them yourself. And really, there’s no sweeter satisfaction than that!

Find your tickets to the online espadrille-making class here.

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