Give Your Dogs The Bonding And Education They Deserve From These Online Dog Training Courses

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Give Your Dogs The Bonding And Education They Deserve From These Online Dog Training Courses

Self-betterment isn’t limited to humans!

There have been a number of unexpected positives to come from this extended quarantine. For one, we’ve seen incredible numbers of pet adoptions in the past months. And, in general, the sheltering in place also allows us to spend more quality time with our pets!

For new pet owners, as much as you love your new companion, you might have found yourselves in a bit of a sticky situation.

As heartwarming and exciting as all the pets and cuddles are, the feeling can be tainted by the occasional tinkle on the carpet. While you shouldn’t fret just yet, you also shouldn’t turn a blind eye to training. And what a better time to train your pup than now?

Make sure that your dogs get the education that they deserve by checking out these free online animal training courses!

1. American Kennel Club Training

The American Kennel Club (AKC) was founded in 1884, and continues to be a trusted expert in all things dogs. Now, you can access the award-winning organization’s training resources through their website. There, you’ll find different programs that range from beginner to advanced training. Whether you’re potty training your puppy, or teaching brain games to your dog — this site has you covered!

2. Dunbar Academy

Dunbar Academy is operated by Dr. Ian Dunbar, a PhD, veterinarian, writer, dog trainer, and behavioralist. He is the founder the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and even did a TED talk on dog-friendly dog training. So, yeah, you could say the guy knows his stuff. There are a number of courses that you and your pet can enroll in, including a free program which involves 8 courses on essential behavior and training tips. You can learn more from Dunbar either on his podcast iWoof, or one of his free ebooks!

3. Howcast: How To Train Your Dog With JoAnne Basinger

JoAnne Basinger is a member of the Dunbar-founded Association of Professional Dog Trainers. Furthermore, she is a graduate of the Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers. Basinger now has 24 videos online covering puppy and general training, as well as tricks. Her videos are straightforward and to the point, making learning short and sweet!

4. Wagfield Academy

Wagfield Academy offers accessible socialization and training solutions. On their website, you can find a number of videos that are especially helpful for owners of new rescues. Available now are courses on basics, puppy, and rescue training categorized by the dogs’ ages. In addition, you can also learn how to give your shins a break through their preventative leash-pulling course!

5. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George is your dog trainer’s favorite Youtuber. The dog trainer and TV personality behind Super Fetch on Animal Planet and Who Let The Dogs Out on BBC has a Youtube channel that abounds with canine training tips. There you’ll find numerous playlists with instructional videos on puppies, leash pulling, learning how to play fetch, and how-to’s on a dozen show-stopping doggie tricks!

Training your dogs to be the best pups that they can be is a win all-around. It’s a win for you. It’s a win for the dog. And it’s a win for all of us who get to watch your cute videos online!

[Featured image: @reed_shepherd1 via unsplash]

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