O’Hare Airport Named Best Airport In North America And Dubs Itself A “Place Of Romance”

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O’Hare Airport Named Best Airport In North America And Dubs Itself A “Place Of Romance”

It’s been a big week for O’Hare Airport.

O’Hare Airport this week updated its official Twitter profile and now describes itself as a “place of romance”. It comes after Biden’s nominee for Secretary of Transportation, Pete Buttigieg, joked with the press and said “don’t let anyone tell you O’Hare isn’t romantic.”

Though usually, a place of stress, delays, lines, and frustrated crowds of travelers, for Pete Buttigieg, the airport that was last year voted the busiest in the United States is a poignant and romantic place. The former mayor of South Bend, Indiana was introduced by Joe Biden in Delaware on Wednesday where he accepted the President-elect’s nomination for Secretary of Transportation. During his speech, he emphasized his “personal love of transportation” and recounted how he proposed to his husband at Chicago’s busy O’Hare Airport. Soon after people and papers such as the Washington Post came to his support agreeing that airports are romantic places.


Buttigieg’s remarks then motivated a change on the O’Hare Airport’s Twitter profile which now says it is a “place of romance.” On Wednesday, O’Hare was also credited with a more formal honor when it was named as the “Best Airport in North America” by Global Traveler Magazine. It is the 17th consecutive year that the airport has been recognized  Midway was also recognized as the Best Airport in North America by Global Traveler and this year it was also named the Best Family-Friendly Domestic Airport.

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