Navy Pier To Shutdown For Remainder Of Year Following Labor Day

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The Pier aims to reopen in spring 2021.

Due to a low visitor attendance caused by the conditions surrounding the pandemic, the city destination decided that it will cease all operations for the remainder of the year.

On June 10, Navy Pier reopened to the public after having been shutdown since early March. At the time, the Pier planned to reopen its facilities in stages as a form of public precaution. Since then, the Pier has opened all of its facilities — with some exceptions including its famous Centennial Wheel and other rides — and as even held a number of events on its grounds, including summer programming in the form of outdoor concerts, as well as a Pride event in late June.

Despite these efforts, visitor turnout was substantially lower than expected, totaling around 500,000 visitors since its reopened its doors — 3.5 million people less than this time last year, according to Navy Pier.

“If we’re seeing 15% attendance during our typically strongest months, we’re very concerned for out partner businesses that rely on summer to get them through the year,” Navy Pier CEO and President, Marilynn Gardner told ABC 7.

Presently, over 70 businesses operate on the grounds of the Navy Pier. According to Gardner, the Pier is working with partners on funding a rent relief program for tenants.

“We’re so hopeful that this gives our partners the lifeline to come out on the other side,” Gardner said.

At this moment, Navy Pier will be open until the end of Labor Day Weekend. After which, The Pier hopes to reopen by spring of 2021, but has yet to release an official date.

“The Pier has lived through war. It will live through this pandemic and will come out even stronger on the other side,” Gardner said.

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[Featured image: Jonathan J. Castellon via Unsplash]

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