Lights And Laser Technology Will Light Up The Morton Arboretum This November

An unparalleled spectacle of color, light, and nature.

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Lights And Laser Technology Will Light Up The Morton Arboretum This November

“Illumination: Tree Lights at the Morton Arboretum” will feature unique light displays and a customized soundtrack.

Fall is finally here and do you know what that means? So too is the start of the holiday season and the magic that comes with it. Colder weather may be settling in but so too are pop-ups and the endless events that fill the festive calendar. Pumpkin patches and haunted houses dot Chicago but this year so too do a great variety of fantastic light shows. The latest of these to be announced is set to take place at The Morton Arboretum! [Featured Image from The Morton Arboretum.]

Starting November 20, the nonprofit public garden and the outdoor museum will host its annual immersive tree lights display but instead of the usual mile-long walking path, the experience will this year be a drive-through event. Guests are invited to cruise through a two-mile stretch of lush landscape and take in the dazzling light spectacles all from the warmth and safety of their cars.

Illumination: Tree Lights at The Morton Arboretum is one of the unmissable events of the festive season and this year incorporates high output laser technology. Stunning trees and plants are decked will beam out unique light displays that combine the beauty of nature and the innovative imaginations of light art specialists.

A musical soundtrack has been made by the Morton Arboretum so you can personalize the experience. Each and every guest will be able to listen to it through their car radios as they cruise through Symphony Woods, Woodland Wonder, and the Crystal Promenade, choosing musical adventure or a peaceful pastoral experience. There are also five brand new light displays, all LED, eco-friendly, and harmless to the nature around which is essential to the Morton Arboretum’s and their mission.

The event this year will go on for longer than it has done ever before lasting from November 20, 2020, until January 3, 2021. Sundays through to Thursday the show will last until 10 pm while on weekends the show will go on until 11 pm and will remain open on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and even Christmas Day. Tickets for each car are on sale now for all now and must be bought in advance.

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