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A Huge Mini Golf Concept Bar Will Soon Open In Oakbrook Center

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

A Huge Mini Golf Concept Bar Will Soon Open In Oakbrook Center

UK-based Puttshack’s new 25,000 sq ft TopGolf bar is first of many to come stateside

You don’t have to like golf to love TopGolf. Something about the laidback hangout booth, flashing lights, and constant influx of margaritas really make for one hole of a good time. If that’s the vibe you’re going for, but could use a bit of work on your short game, then you’ll want to tap into Puttshack. Towards the end of 2020 the “upscale, tech-infused mini-golf experience” is set to open in Oakbrook Center in place of the Lord & Taylor store space. It will be kitted out with four mini-golf courses, a bar offering food, drinks, and a private event space. [Featured image: @puttshack_uk]

Want to play a round of putt putt but are self-aware enough of your Happy Gilmore-esque tendencies? Perhaps Puttshack is the place for you. This retro, arcade-style miniature golf experience goes ixnay on scorecards, and promotes a fun-and-games-type atmosphere instead with a digital prize wheel. Although, if you really have something to prove, or have money riding on the game, the course does have an Interactive Digital Leaderboard to keep track of your game.

Puttshack expects to fill its 25,000-square-foot venue with a whimsical mix of neon-lit courses wherein each hole offers its own unique, interactive game: “That means you can be working on your Beer Pong skills at one hole and then testing out your pop culture knowledge at our True or False hole,” the company writes on its website.

Because putt putt – and golf by extension – can really work up a sweat, Puttshack offers a full kitchen and cocktail menu for fuel and refreshments. While the menu has yet to be released for its coming US locations, the company promises edible options “from vegans to omnivores and cocktail connoisseurs.”

Chicago’s Oakbrook mall space in the city’s western suburb will be the first of many with another in the works in Atlanta expected to open in 2021 and more plans for others in the same year.

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