7 Metaphysical Shops In Chicago For When You Need To Work Some Magic

Charli Renken Charli Renken

7 Metaphysical Shops In Chicago For When You Need To Work Some Magic

En-witch your magical life at these metaphysical supply stores in Chicago.

Everyone deserves to have a little magic in their life. Chicago is home to a vibrant witchcraft community, with practitioners of traditions from all over the world. There are tons of different metaphysical stores across the city as well as community groups, bazaar trade shows, and mystical events.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just someone who likes crystals, these metaphysical and occult shops have everything you need to manifest your best self.  No matter if you believe in the mystical arts or not, you’re bound to come away with something unique.


1. Alchemy Arts, Edgewater


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This is one of Chicago’s most popular metaphysical supply stores. They have a huge stock of candles, oils, herbs, incense, and books for a variety of practices. There’s even a black cat named Lucy that wanders the store; she’s generally a sweetie but give off the wrong vibe and she’s known to hiss, so respect her boundaries if she doesn’t warm up to you right away.

The staff are experts in all things metaphysical and wish patrons blessings after every purchase. Alchemy Arts also hosts regular events throughout the year including tarot meetups, spellcraft classes, seminars and more! Located next to the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, this is a perfect place to find your center and then pick up some calming incense on your way home. More information. 


2. Augustines Spiritual Boutique, Bridgeport


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This South Side metaphysical shop gives off peaceful and positive energy from the moment you walk in. The staff is welcoming with a wealth of information and stories to keep you entertained for hours while you browse the large collection of books, candles, crystals, jewelry, and divination tools. They also have a large collection of Hindu and Buddhist statues, Eastern clothing, and mala beads. This place is perfect for practitioners of all paths or for finding a meaningful piece of jewelry for someone you love. More information.


3. Malliway Bros. Charms, Spells & Potions, Rogers Park


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Also known as the Twisted Broomstick, this new shop is run by two brothers with years of experience in all things occult. The Malliway brothers have a little bit of everything for “witches and non-witches alike.” The Twisted Broomstick carries spell oils, incense, poppets (aka voodoo dolls), herbs, and much more. You can also pick up a ready-made spell kit if you’re new to metaphysics or buying a gift for the witch in your life.

In addition to selling metaphysical wares in their shop, the Malliway brothers also host workshops and events in their backroom studio, The Witches’ Conclave. There you can learn how to brew potions, cast spells, make candles, and much more. They also usually have some sort of ticketed get-together/ritual every full moon, solstice/sabbath, and other astrologically charged dates. More information. 


4. Occult Bookstore, Westloop/Ukranian Village


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This metaphysical supply store claims to be the oldest “spirit shop” in the world. For over 100 years, Occult Bookstore has been dedicated to serving the spiritual community. You can find all kinds of witchy items at the Occult Bookstore from tarot and oracle decks to handmade spell candles, mojo bags, herbs, and more. The bookstore also hosts regular events like its Weds Night Occult Social, “Chaos C-ov-n,” movie nights, and more! More information. 


5. Lucky Hoodoo Products Inc., Bridgeport


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Just down the block from Augustines is Lucky Hoodoo Products Inc., home of the Lucky Mojo Bag Company. This shop carries a variety of metaphysical supplies but specializes in traditional, Hoodoo folk magic. Hoodoo is a religion first brought to the Americas by African slaves and most popularly used in the South. Lucky Hoodoo is known for its root oils, spiritual bath products, and lucky mojo bags, made from traditional, southern-style hoodoo recipes. The shop also offers “Setting Lights” candle rituals, fortune-telling, and other services. More information. 


6. Infiniteus Rocks & Juice, Wicker Park

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Infiniteus Rocks & Juice

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If you need a pick-me-up both physically and spiritually, we’ve got your morning pit stop right here. Infiniteus is a metaphysical crystal store and an organic juice bar. Their mission to promote both spiritual and physical wellness through cold-pressed juice and energetic crystals. The front of the shop serves juice, smoothies, salads, and more organic meals. Journey to the back of the shop, up a ramp and past an art gallery to the rock room filled with crystals, minerals, and jewelry. More information. 


7. Shadow Emporium Apothecary & Shoppe, Pilsen


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This metaphysical store is not only a wonderful place to pick up handmade candles, soaps, oils, crystals, and other occult supplies, it’s also a tea room and community space. Shadow Emporium is a welcoming space for people to sit and enjoy some tea, peruse the well-stocked collection of items, or get a tarot reading from a friendly practitioner. The shop specializes in therapeutic blends, skin and beauty products, and herbal blends. The backroom also serves as a space for private events with a garden to make things all the more magical. More information. 


Note: All supplies and services offered by metaphysical and occult stores are “faith-based” and not guaranteed to bring about any desired result.

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