After Manny’s Deli Pleaded For The City’s Help, Chicagoans Showed Up In Droves

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After Manny’s Deli Pleaded For The City’s Help, Chicagoans Showed Up In Droves

When Manny’s Deli took to social media to ask Chicago for help, the city showed up and more!

Yesterday, Manny’s Cafeteria & Delicatessen posted an urgent call for help on Facebook and Twitter, pleading for the public’s help. Hours later, the City responded with lines out the door in a tearjerking display of support.

Over the past few months, the city has seen many of its beloved restaurants and eateries close due to the pandemic-caused financial losses. When things suddenly changed back in March, fourth-generation deli-owner Dan Raskin initiated a delivering service that involved him personally delivering meals to customers in suburban communities.

One of those communities was North Shore, whose business was crucial for Manny’s in the ensuing months. But when no orders registered in the system this week, there was panic:

“As of today we have no North Shore orders for Friday. We are counting on suburb deliveries because people are still hesitating to dine-in. If you live in Deerfield, highland park or Northbrook area, please tell your friends to order Manny’s for dinner on Friday! Thank you in advance for your business,” the deli wrote on Facebook.

Their post on Twitter was much more dire:

“We are struggling. This isn’t a joke. Support your fav deli for dinner tonight. Thx”

The tweet was shared over 2,000 times, and quickly went viral. It was a call that didn’t fall on deaf ears. In the true spirit of community, the City of Chicago showed up to the deli immediately with lines pouring out the door. So much so, that many customers went home empty handed — something that was bittersweet.

The line at @mannysdeli was out the door and around the block. And the next available pickup time was 4 p.m. Happy for them, sad for me,” wrote Athletic writer, Mark Lazerus on Twitter. “I’ll have to get my pastrami and matzo-ball soup after the next practice.”

“We are crying with joy — Chicago, you came through” the deli wrote on Twitter the next day.

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