Chicago’s Prysm Is Now Offering Side-By-Side Schooling From Prominent DJs

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Chicago’s Prysm Is Now Offering Side-By-Side Schooling From Prominent DJs

Hold the record, we’ve got news for you.

A new musical venture known as Lessons with Legends has launched in Chicago and if you’ve ever been trusted with the aux cable, dreamt of becoming a disk jockey deity, or longed to feel the fervor of festival headliner you’re going to want to tune in.

Chicagoans, of all ages, experiences, and musical tastes are invited to PRYSM for a one-on-one session with a DJ of their choosing. Lessons with Legends has teamed up with a long list of renowned DJs and frequent festival headliners to offer a variety of inspirational instructors. Guests can come and try their hand at one of the world’s top night clubs while learning about the trials and tribulations of the trade and getting a taste for musical stardom.

Lincoln Park’s PRYSM is Chicago’s top-rated hybrid venue offering a 10,000-square-foot space consisting of three distinct areas known as Main Room, Mezzanine, and Champagne Lounge. State-of-the-art sound and lighting, LED Walls, and a capacity of 850 make PRYSM an unparalleled multi-media performance venue and you can have it all at your fingertips with Lessons with Legends.

If you think you or a friend have what it takes to send a crowd into euphoria or you want to unleash the musical mastermind within you in a world-class setting, Lessons with Legends: Private DJ Lessons at PRYSM is 2021’s answer.

Book your one-on-one session now with legendary Chicago talent and give the gift of the first shot at potential festival fame.

There are several different packages that include practice with lights, visuals, and production as well as additional professional photography, and videography packages and optional table seating for friends and family for those who want to make it a serious event.

Here are some of the potential local legends offering lessons:


  • DJ Heather
  • Gene Farris
  • Inphinity
  • Anthony Attalla
  • Michael Serafini


  • PNC
  • Dogma
  • 2FAC3D  

Open Format

  • Metro
  • Gordo
  • Alex Peace & Brian Boucher


  • Apollo XO
  • Greg Corner
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