Lakeshore Drive-In Is Hosting A Series Of Outdoor Concerts At The Adler Planetarium

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Lakeshore Drive-In Is Hosting A Series Of Outdoor Concerts At The Adler Planetarium

New concerts added, including Lil Yachty, Houndmouth and more!

Words cannot express how much we miss live music. Every concert, festival, and performance that was called off this year due to the pandemic — with good reason, obviously — was a stake in our hearts. But boy, now do we have something to be excited about: Lakeside Drive-In’s new outdoor concert series. Park that car, drop that phone, and enjoy the replenishment of some live tunes!

You’ve heard of drive-in restaurants, drive-in cinemas — and floating restaurants and cinemas while we’re at it — but despite the demand, industry pros haven’t yet found their way into incorporating drive-in concerts to the craven, live-music-deprived public. Enter Lakeside Drive-In.

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“We have come together to create a socially responsible event series that puts gigs in the hands of industry professionals and creates space for Chicagoans to get back to enjoying live entertainment safely,” the event company wrote on their webpage.

“Chicago’s music, arts, and culture are unlike any other. The Lakeshore Drive-In will combine local talent with national leaders to showcase truly unique experiences.”

Of course, outdoor concerts are nothing new. But as The Chainsmokers have recently shown us, humanity isn’t yet in a place to do that safely. Therefore, vehicles will play a prominent role in establishing adequate social distancing.

Photo credit: Joe Ruffalo

Additionally, the series will include a number of precautions to ensure that concert attendants are safe. Those are:

  • Attendants must wear masks when outside their vehicles
  • Tickets must be purchased online
  • Every-other parking space will remain vacant
  • Maximum of 6 concert-goers per vehicle
  • Visible signage reminding attendants of regulations
  • Attendees must remain in or on their cars when not using the restroom facilities — which will be regularly cleaned

For a full list of regulations, visit the company’s website. Concessions will be available but not accessible by attendees, who will have to use their smartphones to order concessions or artist merch. Payments will have to be electronic via QR coded receipts provided by staff.

The series officially launched on July 30, but the next two weekends are when it’ll really put the pedal to the metal. On Friday, August 8, the series will feature Chicago House Night, packed with local legends including the likes of bonafide legend, Gene Farris, American DJ Paul Johnson, and local up-and-comer Steve Gerard. Tickets start at $105 for a Night Car Pass for 4.

The following weekend, Lakeside Drive-In will present Lil Yachty. The 22-year-old former Soundcloud rapper has been red hot since his Lil Boat EP debuted in 2016. Yachty’s latest album Lil Boat 3 dropped in late May, but the word is that Yachty plans to release another project later this summer — so chances are you’ll get to hear some of the project’s songs performed live for the very first time!

Houndmouth, the alternative blues band, is touring the US and will play again for the first in a long while  at the drive-in on Saturday, August 15, so make sure to catch them while they’re in town!

There will be two 1.5-hour concerts, with a show at 5 pm, and a night show starting at 8:30 pm. Tickets start at $295 for a Car Pass for 4, which options to go up to 6 passengers.

Beat the rush and get your tickets today!

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