Italy Is Planning To Reopen To Tourists In June

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Italy Is Planning To Reopen To Tourists In June

Live la dolce vita this June.

If you can’t wait for the idyllic island of Sicily to open this autumn — even when they’re offering to pay half your flight costs, not to mention a third of your hotel costs — Italy is meeting you in middle by opening up the country to international travel on June 3!

Italy was one of the earliest countries hit hard by the pandemic, so severe in fact that it prompted a nationwide lockdown. Months later the country is beginning its stages of reopening. On May 4, the country permitted factories and park to reopen. On May 18, shops and restaurants are slighted to do the same.


It’s no secret that the pandemic has taken a heavy toll on Italy. Sicily alone lost over $1 billion in tourist revenue due to the outbreak. As the country continues to recover from the pandemic, it has decided to open up its borders as early as June 3 to incoming and outgoing flights to reboot its tourism industry.

While the EU has proposed a border lockdown until June 15, the measure hasn’t yet been agreed upon.

As it gradually reopens, Italy will place guidelines and restrictions on how businesses, facilities, churches, and other public amenities operate in the coming months to ensure that a revival of COVID-19 does not occur. Such restrictions include mandatory social distancing in restaurants and gyms, and temperature checks in salons.

If you’re thinking of other travel plans, Greece and Iceland also plan on opening up to travel soon!

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