An Influx Of Igloos Have Taken Over Fulton Market

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

An Influx Of Igloos Have Taken Over Fulton Market

Winter is coming, and hordes of igloos might be coming too!

As cities across the country grapple with the global pandemic, local bars and restaurants have been forced to capitalize on outdoor spaces.  Now, with both the impending winter months and the strict guidelines on capacity Chicago’s hospitality industry has a lot on its plate. Luckily, as the weather in Chicago takes a noticeable turn for the worse, a wonderful village of transparent igloos has emerged in the patios of West Loop’s Fulton Market offering guests a cozy escape from the winter chill!

A new “dine together, safely apart” initiative has united the West Central Association, the Illinois Restaurant Association, and Stella Artois in a bid to help Chicago restaurants prepare for the cold months to come. The igloo village was opened to the public on Friday, October 16, and includes some of Fulton Market’s favorite watering holes and eateries. The Publican, Duck Duck Goat, Gus’s Famous Fried Chicken, and Beatrix are some of the restaurants and bars where temporary igloos, greenhouses, and plastic structures have been set up to provide spaces to dine together whilst remaining safely apart.

The initiative invites guests to dine at each restaurant or bar for between 90 minutes and 2 ½ hours within their own protective spheres. The igloos are not heated but are rather made out of materials designed to retain heat.  For this reason, those who check into an igloo for a warm evening out are encouraged to bring their own blankets, giving a whole new meaning to the BYOB acronym we’re used to!

You’ll also notice that the igloos line either side of Fulton Market’s vibrant new street mural. The art piece is designed by the renowned Los Angeles-based artist Shepard Fairey and his firm Studio One. The artful approach to social distancing is inspired by a Stella Artois mission that sort to keep fine dining alive and kicking in London.

To book an igloo in the revamped Fulton Market, guests must visit each individual restaurant’s website and go about their booking via the usual means. But remember – bring your own blanket!

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