Iceland Has Just Opened A New Oceanfront Geothermal Lagoon With Views Of The Northern Lights

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Iceland Has Just Opened A New Oceanfront Geothermal Lagoon With Views Of The Northern Lights

Iceland’s new Sky Lagoon is one hell of an immersive experience!

If there’s one thing that you absolutely need to do in Iceland, it’s bathing in the mineral-rich waters of a geothermal lagoon. And now, hospitality company Pursuit is taking the unmissable experience to a whole new level with the Sky Lagoon. One where the edge of the lagoon meets with the dramatic horizon of the Atlantic ocean before you – all while the Northern Lights put on a breathtaking display in the skies above you.

If Pursuit’s new Sky Lagoon project is meant to make us all rethink the usual summer vacation and consider a chillier one instead, it’s working. The magical lagoon is located in Kársnes Harbour, Kópavogur, which is close to the vibrant city center of Reykjavik. You’ll be minutes away from iconic urban landmarks, but have nothing but a 70-meter natural infinity pool spilling into the dark ocean, all accented with deep-orange sunsets.

Credit: Pursuit

Speaking of sunsets, there’s also a bar carved out of the striking rocks like a glowing modern cave, serving the local drinks. Added to that, there are dining experiences and unique retail offerings. It’s a multi-sensory paradise, that’s just a mere stone’s throw away from bustling city life.

Credit: Pursuit

You’ll be able to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with yourself while your body enjoys the restorative spa-like experience of the geothermal waters. The design elements in everything from the sauna-with-a-view to the poolside doors draw on traditional Icelandic elements and integrate with the natural surroundings as seamlessly as possible.

Sky Lagoon
Credit: Pursuit

“At Pursuit, we are focused on connecting guests to iconic places through unforgettable and inspiring experiences,” says David Barry, President of Pursuit. “Iceland is one of those authentic and remarkable places that have the power to excite and inspire. Following the recent launch of our visually stunning FlyOver Iceland experience, we are thrilled to announce our continued commitment to Iceland with the inclusion of Sky Lagoon to our collection of world-class travel experiences.”

It’s definitely one for the bucket list! And Iceland is now open to travelers from the U.S. — if you’re vaccinated.

For more information on the Sky Lagoon, visit their website. 

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