Dine In Igloos Decorated By Some Of Chicago’s Most Talented Artists

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

Dine In Igloos Decorated By Some Of Chicago’s Most Talented Artists

The snuggle is real.

Imagine. The snow beats down outside as the Midwest’s winter breezes mercilessly through Chicago. A numbing chill fills the air and ice cloaks the curb but inside an urbanized arctic igloo you find you and your chosen accomplices snug and well-fed, each clutching your favorite cocktail. 

This is what awaits you in Wrigleyville’s new cluster of charming igloos. As the harshness of winter slowly sets in, two of Chicago’s greatest scenes have combined to provide a warm winter experience like no other. Only Chicago’s art scene is as revered as its gastronomy scene and down at HVAC’s Winter Igloo Dining & Drinks Experience, you will find a fantastic fusion of the two.

The igloos at the HVAC pub in Wrigleyville have been customized by local artists and prodigious talent to create an eye-catching collection of cozy winterproof domes, each with its own identity. You’ll find few places in Chicagoland more worthy of those winter Instagram shots!

From the first day of 2021, HVAC pub will be kicking off a brand new year with a weekly Winter Igloo Dining & Drinks Experience where the prismatic igloos can be reserved for groups to enjoy a chosen main course, beers, wines, and specialty cocktails.

Each igloo can be rented for two hours for groups of 4 or 6. Deposits of $150 are required for a 4 person igloo and $195 for igloos of up to 6 people. The deposits are deducted from the final food and beverage bill once the winter fun is up! There will be meticulous safety measures including regular cleaning of the igloos and socially-distanced seating.

This Covid-friendly experience is not to be missed! What better way to say good riddance to 2020 and kick off the year anew than two hours of food and drinks in an urbanized downtown igloo? Tickets can be purchased guaranteeing you a cozy and boozy night under the stars at the click of a button!

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