There’s An Army Of Hidden Ducks In Chicago We Bet You Had No Idea Existed

Charli Renken Charli Renken

hidden duck army

The great hidden duck mystery of 2019!

Did you know Chicago has an army of hidden ducks? We didn’t either until we found one walking through the Washington blue line station yesterday. We quickly snatched it up and with that, the mystery of the hidden ducks began!

Found him on top of the vending machine in harold washington library from r/hiddenducks

Out of the corner of our eye, we spotted a little yellow dude hanging out on the platform’s customer assistant button at the Washington blue line station. We picked him up, turned him over and there on his little yellow butt someone had written “r/hiddenducks.” We did a little research and it turns out our little yellow friend (we named him Wala), is one soldier in a whole army of hidden ducks. The army’s mission? To brighten your day, of course!

Friendly duck from r/hiddenducks

Hidden Ducks is a subreddit dedicated to the discovery and redistribution of tiny little rubber ducks. Basically, the way it works is you find or buy a duck, hide it somewhere in Chicago (or another city; they’re spreading!), and post a photo of it in its hiding spot to the subreddit. Hopefully, someone finds your duck, they feel a little moment of joy, and repeat the cycle! Cute, right?

This may locked but I squished it in the top. I highly doubt anyone can take it out. from r/hiddenducks

We’ve rehidden Wala somewhere in the Lake Redline station. Let us know if you find him by tagging us on Instagram @secret.chicago! Don’t forget to share your discovery in the Hidden Ducks subreddit, too. The subreddit is also a great place to look for clues for finding hidden ducks all over the city. You can also buy one (well, 70) and start your own scavenger hunt!

Photo by Jordan Lomibao on Unsplash.

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