Chicago’s Only Hanukkah-Themed Pop-Up Bar Has Returned To Wrigleyville

Featuring vodka-infused donuts, festival of lights martinis, and a giant 18-foot menorah shotski!

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Chicago’s Only Hanukkah-Themed Pop-Up Bar Has Returned To Wrigleyville

It’s going to be biblical.

In 2019, The Graystone Tavern in Wrigleyville debuted a Hanukkah-themed pop-up bar with the objective of giving Wrigleyville’s festive season a vibrant new identity. Back by popular demand for its third year, the tavern will next month resurrect its “8 Crazy Nights” pop-up and offer Chicagoans a bright blue escape from the predictable swarms of red and green.

Open from Friday, November 19 through Sunday, January 2, 2022, guests can expect a winter wonderland of decorations created for the Jewish holiday and a weatherproofed beer garden to ensure the safety of all.

Amongst the plethora of decorations, Hanukkah ball lanterns will adorn the ceiling and over 14,000 blue and white lights will cover the patio space. There will also be a return of the bar’s ugly Hanukkah sweater wall with puns and cheeky sayings like “Challah at ya girl”. Star of David and dreidel ornaments, lighted menorah decor, Mensch on a Bench, 8-foot inflatable dreidel are some of the other features guests will find decorating the exciting pop-up.

The pop-up will also bring back its decadent Boozy Jelly Donuts made with housemade vodka-infused jelly where patrons can inject the jelly via syringe and its 18-foot giant menorah “shotski.”

A special food menu, ranging in price from $5 to $16, will feature traditional and spins on Jewish favorites like Kugel, Matzo Ball Soup, Brisket Platter and Grilled Cheese served on Challah Bread, and three flavors of Latkes including classic with sour cream and applesauce, cilantro jalapeno with chipotle sour cream and herb cheddar with chive sour cream.

Bartenders will be upping their game with some festive cocktails made with traditional Hanukkah flavors including the Festival of Lights Martini, Gelt Martini, Mazel Tov, and a Mensch Mule. An $8 Sufganiyah Shot, an $8 Dreidel Bomba, and the aforementioned giant menorah “shotski” starting at $24, are some of the themed shots that will be on offer.

More information about exactly what goes into the delicious drinks can be found over at the 8 Crazy Nights Chicago cocktail menu.

$12 hot cocktails like a Hanukkah Harry’s Hot Chocolate served in a gold mug and a Blue Toddy are some of the new features for 2021 and Graystone has also teamed up with Empirical Brewery to create the special light “Circumsessionable Lager” which will be on tap exclusively at 8 Crazy Nights.

The pop-up isn’t just offering amazing food and drinks, however, there are spaces reserved for board and card games including Connect 4 with Hanukkah gelt, Cards Against Humanity Jew expansion pack, Mitzvah Match, Jewish Guess Who, Dreidel, Apples to Apples Jewish edition, and Schmear Build-A-Bagel card game.

The Graystone Tavern can be found at 3441 N. Sheffield Avenue in Wrigleyville and will be open 4 pm – 11 pm Monday through Friday and 11 am – 11 on Saturdays and Sundays. ‘

More information about 8 Crazy Nights can be found via The Graystone Tavern’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

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