Hannibal Buress Is Releasing His New Comedy Special For Free On Youtube

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Hannibal Buress Is Releasing His New Comedy Special For Free On Youtube

Miami Nights will be the comedian’s first special in 4 years.

On July 3, Chicago comedian, Hannibal Buress, will premier his latest special Miami Nights for free on Youtube. The special will in large part speak to the comedian’s wrongful arrest in Miami in 2017.

As per the bio on Buress’ website, “Hannibal Buress is a mildly popular comedian, writer, podcast host and actor who is a favorite of fans and critics on big and small screens alike.”

Buress first broke onto the mainstream comedy scene back in 2010 with his special My Name Is Hannibal. Since then the comedian has released 4 additional comedy specials, his last Hannibal Takes Edinburgh released on Netflix in 2016. Buress has acted and voiced in over 20 feature films, and appeared in a number of TV shows including Broad City and 30 Rock. Hannibal is the co-host alongside Eric Andre on The Eric Andre Show and the host of his Handsome Rambler podcast.

His upcoming special Miami Nights will be based largely on his arrest in 2017, when Buress went TMZ/World Star after being arrested in Miami upon telling off a local police officer. You can see a snippet of that incident in the teaser trailer, which features Hannibal speaking into the officer’s body cam:


The charges of his arrest, not mentioned in the footage of the event, were for disorderly intoxication, which were later dropped under the First Amendment.

Miami Nights will stream for free on Youtube July 3 at 8pm CDT. You can RSVP on Hannibal’s website here.

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[Featured image via Hannibal Buress Facebook]