Koval Distillery Is Now Making Their Hand Sanitizer Available To The Public

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Koval Distillery Is Now Making Their Hand Sanitizer Available To The Public

The Chicago-based distillery has already donated over 2,000 gallons.

Last month, KOVAL Distillery switched production from spirits to hand sanitizer to fill the urgent demand. After producing and donating $90,000 worth of sanitizer to medical personnel, first responders, and other in-need organizations, the distillery is now selling sanitizer to the public.

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You can order yours through their website.

KOVAL closed its doors to the public on March 16. Only two days later, they announced their plans to begin production of hand sanitizer. The distillery began a GoFundMe page raising funds for the necessary supplies.

“In the coming weeks, we at KOVAL Distillery in Chicago (typically known for our organic and kosher whiskeys, gins, and specialty spirits) will be focusing our efforts on providing hand sanitizers in bulk to the medical community, retirement homes, and those on the front lines in this war against COVID-19,” their page wrote.

After receiving ample funds — an amount that has grown substantially since then– they were able to begin production on a WHO-based hand sanitizer recipe.

Since then the distillery has produced and donated their sanitizer to a multitude of local in-need hospitals, services, and organizations. In addition to frontline health workers, the distillery has made deliveries to The UI Health Pilsen Food Pantry, Irving Park Community Pantry, and Rogers Park Community Response Team.

Furthermore, their donations have also reached 16 police and fire departments, IMAN, the Institute for Nonviolence, and Chicago CREDMADE, and the Matthew House and Acclivus in the Bronzeville community.

Photo: @kovaldistillery

“It is astounding how quickly our community has mobilized to help protect those in need,” Team Member, Emily Williams, wrote on their GoFundMe page in an addendum.

On April 10, KOVAL announced that their sanitizer would be made available to the public.

To get your hand sanitizer, you must purchase a minimum of a four-gallon case through their website. A four-gallon case costs $45 for each with a $30 delivery fee. A 20-gallon order costs $850.00, while a 55-gallon drum costs $2,250. You can even order a 270-gallon for $11,000.

“I’ve seen so much camaraderie and so much community coming together to help fight this pandemic,” said KOVAL founder and president, Sonat Birnecker Hart. “We couldn’t have done it alone.”

Photo: @kovaldistillery

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