Girl Scouts Are Selling Cookies Outside Weed Dispensaries For All Your Munchies Needs

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Girl Scouts Are Selling Cookies Outside Weed Dispensaries For All Your Munchies Needs

What an ingenious marketing plan!

There’s a one-stop-shop for weed and munchie snacks in Andersonville! A Girl Scout troop began selling their cookies outside Dispensary33 Feb 11. The troop told Block Club Chicago they sold 230 boxes during just four hours, bringing a smile to the face of customers and employees alike. Talk about hustle!

It seems like a no-brainer– cookies and potheads– but no other troop had reached out to Dispensary33 before. The idea came out of a limited number of available spots the troop could sell in front of; most popular spots were already taken by other troops. Now they’re raising a ton of money while thousands on Facebook share adorable photos of little kids excitedly selling boxes in the cold weather.

While Dispensary33 is the first reported instance of Girl Scouts partnering with local pot shops in Chicago, this isn’t the first time thin mints and dispensaries have intertwined. When Colorado first legalized cannabis, other Girls Scout troops had the same idea. While there was a brief ban from Girl Scouts of Colorado, it was eventually lifted and now dispensaries serve as lucrative fundraising opportunities for local Girl Scout troops.

There’s been no word whether other dispensaries will host Girl Scout troops outside their businesses, but given the success on both sides, we wouldn’t be surprised if Thin Mints become a regular part of the pot shop experience. For now, you’ll have to head to Andersonville if you want an easy access weed and cookie experience.

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