A Giant Poop Emoji Is Coming To Chicago And We’re Weirdly Excited About It?

Charli Renken Charli Renken

A Giant Poop Emoji Is Coming To Chicago And We’re Weirdly Excited About It?

Toiletry brand Poo-Pourri wants you to #LetThat💩Go in 2020.

Here at Secret Chicago believe in the importance of healthy stress relief. Holding on the past, onto negative emotions that don’t serve you, it’s rough stuff! If it’s your 2020 resolution to flush your mental and emotional sh*t down the toilet, Poo-Pourri has a bizarre but effective mental health pop-up just for you. The toiletry brand is currently touring a giant, inflatable poop where you can write down and ditch 2019’s woes for good.

Poo-Pourri CEO Suzy Batiz calls holding onto negative thoughts “constipation in the mental form” and asks “Why would you want that in your body?” Where Poo-Pourri’s toiletry sprays are meant to allow you to flush sh*t without smell, The Big Poop pop-up is a way for you to do the same with toxic thoughts.

Inside the inflatable poo is an immersive, 360° experience. You’ll have the chance to enter “stalls” with touch screens to write down all the sh*t you want to flush away. Look up and you’ll see other’s toxic waste projected on the inside walls of the pop-up; “I’m not good enough,” “My coworkers hate me,” “I’m still pissed about that thing that happened four years ago.”  When you’re done unloading, pull the touchscreen chain and #LetThatđź’©Go!


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What a great way to foster a conversation about mental health and negative self-talk! The Big Poop is already traveling the US, visiting cities like Atlanta, Orlando, and Miami and comes to Chicago May 8-10. While there’s no exact location yet, you can keep up to date as more details are released by checking the Facebook event. 

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