Private Shipping Container Gyms Are Coming To Fulton Market This Month

BOLD Pods reportedly use state-of-the-art air filtration technology to eliminate 99% of airborne viruses.

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Private Shipping Container Gyms Are Coming To Fulton Market This Month

You’ll soon be able to work out inside a private 320 square-foot gym pod.

A company by the name of BOLD, are turning shipping containers into small-scale gym pods. The 320 square-foot private pods are to be used on a pay-as-you-go basis and will home High-Intensity Interval Training equipment from premium manufacturers. With the weather ruling out outdoor exercise, at least for us less inclined to risk frostbite, Chicago needed an answer and BOLD have duly obliged with their outside-the-box solution.

The pods will arrive in the Fulton Market lot located at 1000 West Carroll Avenue in late January and BOLD are advertising them as “the future of Chicago’s fitness”. They say the private pods will end reliance on Instagram workouts and eradicate the need to squeeze into crowded gyms, instead offering clean, private training spaces that can be booked via their app. Learn more about BOLD’s rigorous cleaning policies & standards

According to the BOLD website, 3 guests are allowed in a pod that can be booked for 60 minutes and each pod is outfitted with AiroDoctor™ filtration units which use UV-A LED Photocatalysis to eliminate 99% of airborne viruses. The weights, machines, and equipment found in typical gyms will be available while a tech system offers pre-recorded fitness videos and virtual personal trainer guidance.

Founded by Jake Goldstein, the idea was apparently formed due to a frustration with subscription-based large gym models that generate profit from underused memberships. With BOLD, Goldstein says people get what they pay for without any sign-ups or extra fees but they also offer a safe place to workout during the pandemic. The idea has been tested in some other cities around the world but it has never truly flourished. Until now?

More information about health and safety protocols, prices, and dates can be found on both the BOLD website and the company’s app which is available on Apple and Android products.

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