This Beloved Bucktown Cafe & Lounge Turns 20 Next Week! • Estelle’s

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This Beloved Bucktown Cafe & Lounge Turns 20 Next Week! • Estelle’s

While Six Corners has drastically changed over the past twenty years, Estelle’s has kept true to who they are.

Known for their unpretentious vibe, Estelle’s Cafe & Lounge is a late-night food and drink staple adored by Wicker Park and Bucktown residents. To celebrate 20 years in business, Estelle is offering a 20% discount all night on all food and drink Nov 15.

While Estelle’s has 20 years under its belt, the bar’s history actually goes all the way back to the 1930’s when it was a dive bar called Tower’s Lounge. The ownership and brand of the bar changed several times before Four Entertainment Group bought Estelle’s in 1999. Under the loving eye of 4EG’s Managing Partner David Halpern, the cafe & lounge has grown into what it is today.

Photo courtesy of Estelle’s Cafe & Lounge.

It might not look like much from the outside but step through Estelle’s doors to find a fantastic art deco hangout with a grooving jukebox, friendly staff, and quality food and drink. The menu is personally crafted by Estelle’s staff, which is what Halpern attributes to the bar’s success. He says they have very little turnover, which adds to the neighborly vibe with familiar faces every night.

The cocktail menu recently added a fall line of delicious drinks. A few notable additions are the Two-Fisted Fashioned with Malort and Brovo Amaro Kim, demerara, orange and grapefruit-lavender bitters, Lil’ Chilly with Union Mezcal, Caffo Red Bitter, Brovo Boomerang liqueur, chili lime bitters, and the Second City 75 with Rhine Hall Oaked Apple Brandy, Chicago Distilling Company Finn’s Gin, lemon, demerara, and an apple chip garnish.

Photo courtesy of Estelle’s Cafe & Lounge.

Part of what has kept Estelle’s lights on for so long is its dedication to creating an unpretentious late-night eat experience. “We haven’t changed who we are. We’re here for the long run,” Halpern says. The bar keeps things simple and is invested in the community, often donating proceeds to local charities and schools. With Six Corners changing so much, it’s comforting to see one establishment that hasn’t lost who they are along the way.

Estelle’s 20th Anniversary party starts at 11 p.m., with 20% off customer’s entire bill all night long. Come enjoy the cafe & lounge’s new fall cocktail line and toast to what Chicago will always be at its core: resilient.

Location: 2013 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 

Hours: Sun – Fri: 5 p.m. – 4 a.m., Sat 5 p.m. – 5 a.m.

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Feature photo by Ryan Gac.

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