Thousands Marched Through The Loop Last Night To Demand That Every Election Vote Be Counted

After Trump filed lawsuits 'Count Every Vote' group marched through Chicago Loop calling on the president to concede 2020 election

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Thousands Marched Through The Loop Last Night To Demand That Every Election Vote Be Counted

With Presidential Election results still undecided, Chicagoans marched in solidarity with others across the country to ensure every vote is counted.

Over 1,000 demonstrators rallied peacefully in Daley Plaza on Wednesday night November 4 less than 24 hours after the polls for the general election had closed in Illinois to demand that every vote be counted.

As of the time of writing Joe Biden looks to be inching closer to the Whitehouse leading Donald Trump 264 to 214 but neither candidate has cleared the 270 Electoral College votes needed and though Joe Biden has already claimed victory in Illinois protestors were motivated to make their voices heard after Trump’s attempt to stop the count.

President Trump’s campaign earlier on Wednesday, November 4 announced lawsuits against several key battleground states including Michigan, Georgie, and Pennsylvania in an attempt to stop the counting of legitimate mail-in ballots. Trump’s claims that Democrats would use mail-in ballots to “steal the election” fueled anger in the crowds who marched peacefully demanding that every vote be counted in the still-unresolved presidential election.

Speakers addressed the crowd and handed out t-shirts before marching through the Loop towards Michigan avenue chanting “Count Every Vote. Every Vote Counts” and carrying large banners that read “Count Every Vote” and “Out Now!” The crowd of protestors did not make it to Trump Tower as the bridge over Wabash Avenue was once again raised and police had lined up to barricade other bridges along Wacker Avenue as a precautionary measure to prevent groups from amassing in downtown.

Several progressive groups like e SEIU Healthcare, the Chicago Teachers’ Union, and Indivisible Chicago Alliance organized the event and spoke to the crowd about peaceful protesting and safety measures before they marched.

The executive vice president of EIU Healthcare Erica Bland-Durosinmi stated “Across this country, we fought for a fair and free election for people to have the right to cast their votes, whether it be through mail, early or on Election Day,” said  “And we will not stop until every vote is counted.”

Americans also gathered in other cities like New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Washington D.C. to defend democracy and ensure that the voices of all Americans be heard and tallied in this historic election.

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