Watch Drunk Actors Attempt Shakespeare At This Hilarious Chicago Show

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

Watch Drunk Actors Attempt Shakespeare At This Hilarious Chicago Show

“Drink, sir, is a great provoker…”

Enter a hidden library to find a dark stage surrounded by 15,000 books. The lights come up, the curtains open… and he’s absolutely hammered. Welcome to The Drunk Shakespeare Society, the hilarious Chicago play giving their own, tipsy spin on William Shakespeare’s classics.

Chicago Drunk Shakespeare

As the name suggests, one of five classically-trained actors takes at least five shots and then (over-confidently) performs the lead in a Shakespearean play. The other four sober actors attempt to keep the play moving, while their drunk co-star inevitably makes numerous blunders.

Each show is different depending on who’s drinking what, but the result is always an unforgettable, gut-busting 90 minutes of the Bard, as you’ve never seen him performed before. Find tickets on Fever here.

Drunk Shakespeare Chicago Theatre

On arrival, you’ll enter through a locksmith’s shop to find the venue: an intimate, hidden speakeasy behind the Chicago Theatre, putting you right in the middle of the boozy theatrics.

A cocktail bar ensures the cast aren’t the only tipsy people in the room, and craft cocktails are served throughout the night. So grab a seat, get comfy, and enjoy Shakespeare at his tipsiest!

Drunk Shakespeare has received critically acclaimed reviews around the world, these hard-drinking thesps must be doing something right!

Don’t miss it, Drunk Shakespeare tickets are now on sale here!

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