You Can Now Get Around Chicago With Divvy’s New E-Bikes

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Divvy E-bikes

The electronic bikes, which can go up to 15 mph, will be available at Divvy racks starting Wednesday, July 29.

Earlier this week, the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) in collaboration with Lyft announced e-bikes would be available at Chicago bike racks starting Wednesday, July 29. The announcement comes after the CDOT and Divvy embarked on a new expansion that will give Chicago 16,500 new bikes and 800 stations once it’s completed.

“I’m excited about the addition of e-bikes to the Divvy system. This will be a game-changer for bike-share in Chicago, enabling residents to go further, faster with more flexibility,” said CDOT Commissioner Gia Biagi in a statement. “It is critical in these times that we provide as many convenient options for Chicagoans to get around, and I believe e-bikes offer an entry into biking that will open up new opportunities in a healthy and fun way, putting more of Chicago within reach.”

The sleek black bikes can go up to 15 mph and are designed to give the rider a boost as they pedal, which means you can go longer distances and up hills without breaking a sweat. They can also be parked pretty much anywhere since they can be docked at both special and regular Divvy stations. They also come with a special lock and can be parked at other locations once the ride is finished for an additional $2 fee.

Riding an e-bike across Chicago’s South and West sides, where the stations are more spaced out, will cost the same as riding a regular bike. Meanwhile, on the North Side, which is more densely populated with stations, there will be an additional 15-cents-per-minute cost to use the e-bikes.

To make sure we all get a taste of the new e-bikes, the CDOT is also introducing for a limited time a $5 credit that can be used for up to 30 minutes of free e-bike riding as well as other usage fees. The credit will be applied automatically to all user’s accounts, while new Divvy users who sign up before the end of the year will also get the credit.

Divvy has enforced new cleaning protocols and will be disinfecting all high-contact surfaces on bikes each time they arrive in their depot. All staff has been equipped with gloves and face coverings to wear while handling the bikes.

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