10 Amazing Shots of Last Night’s Storm That Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

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10 Amazing Shots of Last Night’s Storm That Are Absolutely Mesmerizing

Last night, the derecho storm covered Chicago with some of the darkest clouds we’ve seen in a while and it was simply stunning.

And a little bit scary too! Monday night’s derecho storm hit the city with some crazy strong winds of up to 100 mph, leaving some serious damage and incredible sights behind. People around the city captured these amazing shots of the storm as it made its way across Chicago, proving nature is simply mesmerizing–Even at its scariest.

The storm brought some pretty heavy, dark clouds to Chicago…

And day almost turned to night as the derecho approached the city.

Seriously though, the clouds looked pretty scary, yet still they were beautiful!

This Chicagoan’s short video caught the storm as it approached the city and it looked like a giant cloud of blue.

Moments later, that same giant dark cloud covered her building with a shower so intense it almost looks like fog!

This other timelapse also shows how the storm turned day into night in a matter of seconds!

Honestly, Nature is just enthralling!

Thunder was not far behind, striking Willis Tower…

And the Hancock building!

And once the scary storm passed, it left us with a beautiful multi-color sunset over the city!

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[featured image: @santuswilliam, Instagram]

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