20 Wonderful Photos Of Crown Fountain Bringing Joy To Chicago

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20 Wonderful Photos Of Crown Fountain Bringing Joy To Chicago

Is it the most beloved Chicago landmark?

It feels like millennia since we’ve been able to fully enjoy the Chicago we know and love. Due to the second wave of Covid-19 sweeping the United States Chicago is now under a new stay-at-home advisory as it nears breaking point. Though recent news hints that a vaccine could be on the horizon, for the time being at least, we must adhere to restrictions and work together. We’re all desperate for our thriving metropolis to return to its former glory and in times like these, we must try to stay optimistic. Of all Chicago’s brilliant features, does any better symbolize the wonderful diversity of our great city than the Millenium Park’s Crown Fountain? In the spirit of togetherness, we’ve been delving through the archives of Instagram to find the most inspirational photos of one of Chicago’s most iconic landmarks.

For 16 years locals and tourists alike have enjoyed Jaume Plensa’s stunning interactive public art feature. The two towers of LED screens have long projected the faces of 1,000 Chicagoans and spouted water onto joyful residents. As both a poser’s paradise and an urban escape for frolicking children, Crown Fountain is a beloved and iconic feature of our great city. We’re hoping these photos will bring the same amount of joy the fountain does to those who use it to cool off on a hot summer’s day!

1. Kids tussling for the fountain’s spout of water.

2. A pensive moment on a rainy day.

3. A girl takes the cascading fountain water head-on.

4. No swimsuit? No problem.

5. A young couple share a romantic moment in front of the fountain.

6. A son receives a loving kiss.

7. Crown Fountain looking magical on a rainy evening.

8. People enjoying Crown Fountain on a winter night.

9. An aspiring dancer shows off her talent.

10. A digital painting of Crown Fountain.

11. A local artist sketches Crown Fountain.

12. Chicago Dance Crash performs in front of the fountain.

13. A girl risks the splash for a unique photo opportunity.

14. Crown Fountain looking like a movie cover.

15. The fountain smiles at a passerby.

16. A woman gets creative.

17. A young boy cools off under the fountain.

18. People bathe in the fountain at night.

19. A mother joins two children in the water.

20. A boy runs into the fray.

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