Skeleton Conga Line Taking Neighborhood By Storm

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

Skeleton Conga Line Taking Neighborhood By Storm

Halloween is one of the most creative weekends of the year and this year with even more free time at home than usual thanks to COVID-19, people are impressing their communities with innovative and imaginative Halloween decorations. One family in Jefferson Park is the latest taking their neighborhood by storm with a skeleton conga line and it’s sure to tickle your funny bone too! [Featured Image from Lisa Galvan]

According to father Lionel Rabb, his two daughters were passing the time with Halloween-themed illustrations when they came up with the idea of bringing one to life. He soon began collecting as many skeletons as he could get his hands on so his daughters could make their spooky idea a reality.

Once the skeletons had been lined up to resurrect the signature dance move the daughters gave their skeletons a not-so-spooky makeover with some fun hats and various fashion fabrics turning them from your average pack of Halloween skeletons into the life and soul of the neighborhood.

The stylish skull-pture has since gained more and more attention online with various posts praising the hilarious set up for its creativity and sense of community!

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