City Winery Will Reprise Their River Domes This October

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City Winery Will Reprise Their River Domes This October

Go big or go dome!

With the coming of the autumn equinox, so begins the fall season. As the city anticipates colder days ahead, so has it begun to search for inventive solutions to encourage continued outdoor dining. City Winery on the Chicago Riverwalk, in this regard, has been ahead of the game. Last year, the winery features a series of transparent domes on its patio and October 1, they’re coming back. [Featured image: @citywineryriverwalk]

Throughout the month of October, you can book your own river dome at City Winery along the Chicago Riverwalk with a party of 4 – 6 people. Due to the circumstances, patrons must book a reservation beforehand for a wining-and-dining experience capped at two hours. Further due to circumstances, as well as demand, there is a minimum purchase charge to reserve the domes. A $25 fee will be applied to book the reservation which will account into the minimum charge of $75 per guest.

The City Winery will take extra precautions to ensure public safety by thoroughly sanitizing the domes between each use as well as conducting brief wellness checks to patrons. The staff will also be required to wear masks throughout their shifts. Guests will also be required to wear masks when not seated in the dome.

Presently, the winery is operating at their normal schedule with patio dining. Their food menu features small plates, salads, desserts, and large plates with options such as their filet medallion sliders, chilled shrimp bowl, and grilled cheese. They offer wine off the tap as well as beer and cocktail options.

Last month, the City of Chicago launched a city-wide competition imploring residents to submit ideas on how to encourage outdoor dining for the colder months. The winning submissions are slated to be selected on September 27, but you can get a sneak preview here.

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