Childish Gambino Releases New (And Final) Album For Streaming Online

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Childish Gambino Releases New (And Final) Album For Streaming Online

3.15.20 is Donald Glover’s final project as Childish Gambino.

There’s no lack of musical content out there to stream while the coronavirus outbreak keeps millions indoors. Donald Glover just added to that wealth of streaming music content with the new album 3.15.20, likely to be his last project as Childish Gambino. The album is available wherever you listen to music.

The new album has 12 new tracks, the titles of which are mostly numbers, although track “42.26” is previously released single “Feels Like Summer.” Features on the album include Ariana Grande, 21 Savage, and Kadhja Bonet and the album cover is a plain white with off-white text “Donald Glover Presents”; the design feels like a gentle nod to The Beatles’ White Album, although that hasn’t been confirmed by Glover.

This new album comes just in time to keep fans company while many are sheltering in place across the world. Track 47.48 feels particularly relevant with lyrics like, “Little boy, little girl/ Are you scared of the world?/ Is it hard to live?/ Just take care of your soul/ Let the beauty unfold/ You’ll get through it.” If your soul needs taking care of, tune into Childish Gambino.

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