Chicago’s Favorite Bars Create Fundraiser For Out Of Work Employees

Charli Renken Charli Renken

Chicago’s Favorite Bars Create Fundraiser For Out Of Work Employees

Employees from Joy District, Hubbard Inn, Old Grounds Social, HVAC PUB, The Dime, Happy’s Lounge need your help.

Many bartenders, chefs, waiters, and other restaurant staff are out of work after all IL bars and restaurants were forced to close due to the coronavirus. With little ability to bring in revenue, over 500 of 8 Hospitality’s employees– those behind Joy District, Hubbard Inn, and other popular bars and restaurants– are out of work for the time being. As a means to help their staff through this difficult time, 8 Hospitality has put together a relief fund to keep their workers afloat until the hospitality businesses can reopen.

As of publication, the GoFundMe page has a little over $1,500 out of the $50,000 goal to help employees with any hardship they may incur during this difficult time. As an incentive to give, 8 Hospitality will match any donation with a gift card to any of their locations once they are able to reopen.

While many food workers are still working thanks to delivery and pick-up orders, other local businesses just can’t survive on to-go orders alone. If you can give, please consider donating to the 8 Hospitality employee relief fund. If you can’t afford a donation, sharing their GoFundMe link goes a long way.

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