Spellbinding Photos Of Chicago During Last Night’s Thunderstorm

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

Spellbinding Photos Of Chicago During Last Night’s Thunderstorm

It may have been cold, wet, and rough but these photos are breathtaking!

Chicago’s winter announced its arrival in drastic fashion on Tuesday, November 10. After a record November heatwave, temperatures are now set to drop to the 30s as strong winds and potential tornadoes get ready to torment Illinois.

The autumnal hues have officially fled us for another year and the  November chill begins to bite down. The wet and windy days of the winter season look here to stay but Tuesday’s thunderstorm also inspired some absolutely gorgeous shots across Illinois. Here are some of the best videos and photos of last night’s thunderstorm.

Thunderous clouds tore at the skies.

Lightning shot down creating a dazzling glow.

Sears Tower took a beating from the storm.

Dark clouds gathered ominously.

The Chicago skyline was spellbinding from afar.

And then the chaos came.

And with it the rain.

Those who dared ventured out.

Though some were braver than others.

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