April Snow And Sub-Freezing Temperatures Are Coming To Chicago This Week

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April Snow And Sub-Freezing Temperatures Are Coming To Chicago This Week

Spring showers are on their way and April snow will likely cover Chicago from tomorrow.

If you had hope that winter was well and truly behind we’re sorry to tell you the sunny spells of the last week are about to be replaced with wintery conditions across Chicago. According to the National Weather Service, “periods of moderate to heavy snow are likely from the Central Plains through the Great Lakes this week.”

Rain will begin falling on Chicago today and will likely turn into snow tomorrow. Slushy accumulations are expected to begin on Tuesday with the potential for heavy snow late Tuesday afternoon and early evening.

Sub-freezing temperatures are then also expected Tuesday and Wednesday night before the weather briefly improves on Thursday.

April snow isn’t all too rare in Chicago. Tomorrow April 20 is actually the average date the city sees its last trace of snow but the National Weather Service reports that in previous years there has been snow as late as June.

National Weather Service is warning that non-paved surfaces are likely to quickly become slushy and people should prepare for the worst now. With the sub-freezing temperatures approaching they recommend “protecting sensitive vegetation and exposed seasonal water lines such as hoses and fountains” today.

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