A Snowstorm Has Chicagoland In Its Sights And May Bury The Midwest Later This Week

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A Snowstorm Has Chicagoland In Its Sights And May Bury The Midwest Later This Week

Winter is coming.

Since fall officially started, Chicago has experienced roughly a quarter of the snowfall it typically gets to date but things look like they’re about change. According to AccuWeather meteorologists are predicting a strong late-week snowstorm that will unleash wintry precipitation across the United States, and Chicago lies directly in its path.

The snowstorm will reportedly blow across a 2,000-mile-long corridor from the southern Rockies in the United States to southern Canada. Although it won’t wreak as much havoc as first anticipated, the storm will be of intermediate strength and last for several days.

AccuWeather meteorologists have been tracking the storm and predict it will span a large portion of the U.S. especially impacting Chicago and Milwaukee metro areas. On Friday the first signs of snow are expected to hit New Mexico and Colorado and will continue to blanket much of the US and Canada through Sunday when the snowstorm is expected to reach southern Ontario and western Quebec.

We are in for unseasonably warm air as the storm manifests but as it moves through the United States cold air and wintry precipitation will breeze through the 2,000-mile-long corridor bringing both rain and snow to various areas. Many major travel hubs are likely to be severely impacted as snow changes to rain and sweeps through the east and northeast over northern Kansas, southern Nebraska, northern Missouri, and southern Iowa.

“As the temperature drops, snow will then spread to intermediate and lower elevations in eastern Colorado and northern New Mexico, including the cities of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Denver and Colorado Springs, Colorado, where up to a few inches may fall. The transition to snow will continue to advance on Saturday in northern Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin and the central and northern parts of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan.” said AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

Road conditions are likely to deteriorate in and around Chicago as Saturday progresses. The downtown area of the city will reportedly see a few inches of snow while the south of Chicago will experience a small slushy accumulation. A slight shift in the storm track could, however, bring 6-inches of snowfall right in the center of city, instead of across the northern and western suburbs.
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