Winter Announces Its Imminent Arrival With First Snowfall In Chicago

Including Photos Of Chicago's Stunning First Snowfall

Elliot McGowan Elliot McGowan

Winter Announces Its Imminent Arrival With First Snowfall In Chicago

The first traces of snowfall in Chicagoland!

Snowbirds will have been happy on Monday morning as winter hinted at its imminent approach. While most of Chicago experienced rainfall, O’Hare Airport, Mount Prospect, and Barrington Hills all instead saw snowflakes raining down and the snow was thick enough to cover cars in Elgin.

According to meteorologist Casey Sullivan, the first flakes fell about 4 a.m. outside the airport where the city’s official weather recording site is also located. The snow continued for just under two hours and halted until more continued to fall around 10 am and then later began falling in Downtown Chicago.

Those of you who tend to hibernate through the cold Windy City winters will be pleased to know that Sullivan also announced that an accumulation of snow is not expected and is unlikely to persist for the rest of the week. The first measurable snow usually comes to Chicago mid-November so there is hopefully some time to make the most of a milder Chicago climate before winter officially rears its ugly head.

Snow is not unheard of in October and many will remember some snowfall last Halloween. This Halloween weekend is luckily looking to be far milder than last time around and will also welcome a spooky rare blue moon over Chicago.  The unique celestial phenomenon has decided to arrive on October 31, 2020. It’s the night after the clocks go back one hour as Daylight Savings Time comes to an end so make sure you’ve filled your calendar with everything happening this weekend!

Here are some of the best snaps of Chicago’s first glimpses of snow:

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