See Out Summer Bobbing Down The Chicago River In An Electric Donut Boat

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See Out Summer Bobbing Down The Chicago River In An Electric Donut Boat

These donut-shaped E boats are a “hole” lot of fun.

Seize the last stages of summer by setting sail on the Chicago River with the latest in Chicago Electric Boats’ new donut boat.

Summer isn’t over yet. What better way to salvage the sunny warm weather than to get out on the water for a cruise? For the past 9 years, Chicago Electric Boats have dispatched their vessels on the Windy City’s rivers for passengers to enjoy a short voyage at sea.

Last summer, the company introduced a new vessel to their fleet: the donut boat. The ring-shaped water cruiser allows for groups of up to 6 passengers, all seated around a circular table in the middle for beverages, snacks, and other provisions necessary for the sea-bound voyage.

Photo from www.chicagoelectricboats.com

With these certified, zero-emissions water crafts, you are your own captain:

“Whether you’re a seasoned boater or just getting your sea legs, any licensed driver who is 21 or older can drive our boats,” the company includes on their website.

Additionally, each boat comes with USCG-required safety equipment, an optional umbrella, radio, and auxiliary cord — the latter 2 you can also be a captain of if you call first dibs.

Photo from www.chicagoelectricboats.com

All cruises are BYOB with the exception of hard alcohol — also take note that there aren’t bathrooms on the vessel.

The donut cruisers leave from the Rockwell on the River port. Prices begin at $175 for an hour cruise on the river with options to go up to 4 hours.

There are also 18-ft Duffy Boats, Pontoon Boats, 22-foot Luxury Duffy Boats, and a Rockwell Duffy Boats should you want to try something different!

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