You Can Watch Real Quidditch in Riis Park This Weekend

Charli Renken Charli Renken

You Can Watch Real Quidditch in Riis Park This Weekend

Wait, real Quidditch?

Yes, real Quidditch! Chicago United Quidditch Club takes to the pitch 8am-7pm for the second annual Chicago United Quidditch Invitational. Teams from across Chicagoland and the Midwest will come together for one day only to battle it out for glory. It’s going to be bloody brilliant! [Feature photo: players at US Quidditch Cup 2019 by Chris Rothery]

But how do they play, you ask? Muggle Quidditch is a mixed-gender sport first developed in 2005 by Middlebury College students Xander Manshel and Alex Benepeat. The sport has since spread across the globe. Players must have a broom (pvc pipe) between their legs at all times and Chasers race down the pitch to score in one of three goals, each worth ten points. Keepers try to block goals and Seekers keep an eye out for the Snitch played by a runner in yellow shorts. Once the tennis ball inside a sock hanging from the Snitch runner’s shorts is caught, the game ends and that Seeker’s team receives 30 points.

Chicago United Quidditch Club practices regularly in Chicago. Photo: @chicagoquid

A number of teams will be at this year’s tournament, including college teams from Columbia College of Chicago, Illinois State University, and Southern Illinois University. Community teams Chicago United Quidditch Club, Boom Train, Brew City Warriors, and Twin Cities Quidditch Club will also play. Want to play Quidditch yourself? Information on joining Quidditch teams will be at the event and can also be found on individual teams’ Facebook pages.

Scott Rein Jr. races toward the hoops. Photo: @chicagoquid

If you’re a massive Harry Potter fan you can’t miss this weekend’s games. Teams will be playing all day at Riis Park. Street parking is available to witches and wizards who are out of floo powder. 

Location: Riis Park, 6100 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago, IL

Date and Time: Sat Oct 19, 8am-7pm

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