This Chicago Street Artist Is Filling Potholes With Murals

Colby Smith Colby Smith

This Chicago Street Artist Is Filling Potholes With Murals

Jim Bachor’s art is groundbreaking.

Potholes are a pain in the you-know-where. And while most of us wait for the city to care of them, and avoid them at all costs in the meantime, there are vigilantes that take to the streets to fill those holes for the good of humankind.

Jim Bachor, however, takes it a step further. To Bachor, a pothole isn’t just a nuisance — it’s also a canvas.

“The subject matter of ancient mosaics usually consisted of religious or geometric imagery. I love the idea of turning this classic art form on its head and giving it a modern twist,” Bachor wrote on his Facebook page.

The artist started his pothole project years ago. Since then, he’s turned black holes in the asphalt to works of art in Cave Creek, Arizona; Franklin, Tennessee; Detroit, Michigan; and New York, New York.

Like a true art vigilante, Bachor makes his work at his own expense. The process of making a mural, in the middle of the street, after filling potholes — which isn’t exactly legal — is a slow tedious process and involves a fair of amount of inhalation of car exhaust.

But his work has not gone unnoticed. Bachor has a required a fan base across America, and particularly in Chicago where most of his art can be seen. Now, Bachor has produced a line of t-shirts, as well as puzzles that feature his art work, so that you, too, can pretend to build a mosaic. Or, if even the idea sounds tedious, the artist also auctions off his work over Facebook.

Where have you spotted the work of this literal street artist? Let us know!

[Featured image: @bachor]