Wrigley Field & Other Chicago Landmarks Will Light Up Blue Tonight For Healthcare Workers

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Wrigley Field & Other Chicago Landmarks Will Light Up Blue Tonight For Healthcare Workers

Over 150 sites all over the U.S. will light up blue tonight at 8pm local time in solidarity with the hospital workers and first responders fighting COVID-19.

#LightItBlue started in the U.K. to help show support for their National Health Service workers, and now Chicago is joining in!

According to a press release, the participating landmarks in Chicago include: The Wrigley Building, One Two Pru, Millennium Monument, Soldier Field, The Navy Pier (Centennial Wheel), United Center, and Wrigley Field.

The event was organized by Thinkwell Group, a design and production agency. 

“This is a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from those of us at home to those of us who are going to work each day to keep our country going,” CEO Joe Zenas said.

They are specifically identifying buildings and landmarks with existing LED lighting and/or video screen technology to light their buildings BLUE and post the #LIGHTITBLUE message: “THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE FIGHTING ON THE FRONT LINES AGAINST COVID-19!”. (They are only using buildings that can be accessed remotely or where someone is on-site as an essential worker.)

The lightings will continue every Thursday evening from now on to show the city’s ongoing love and support for its healthcare workers caring for others and risking their lives every day.

Americans are encouraged to participate in the tribute by wearing blue, sharing #LightItBlue images and messages on social media

Stay tuned tonight and tag us on Instagram if you can get a good photo from your home! We’d love to see.

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Featured image source: Instagram / @smsee

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